September 21-23, 2018
Warm Beach Camp - Stanwood, WA

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Friday Evening
Rachel, an Obstetrician, and Eric, a Family Physician, will share a bit of their personal story and the first session on the theme of Not Losing Heart.

Saturday Morning
Session 1:  Sharing about Kibuye
Session 2:  Second part of Not Losing Heart

Saturday Afternoon
Sharing around the conference theme

Saturday Night
Eric and Rachel continue to share through speech and through a concert

Sunday Morning
Worship Service

Conference Costs

Conference Registration
$100 (or $125 per couple)

Meals and Lodging (2 nights & 6 meals)
Standard Deluxe (Mt. Baker Cabins), 2/3 person rooms - $162 per person
Deluxe (Olympic View Lodge), 2 person rooms - $181 per person
Single Occupancy, either facility - $243 per person

Saturday Only Options
Registration: $62 (or $74 per couple)
Meals: $11 per meal


Keynote Speakers

Drs. Eric and Rachel McLaughlin, physicians at Kibuye Hospital in Burundi, will be speaking on Walking with those in Need Without Losing Heart.

“We are called to hope in the promises of God while our feet still pound the dust of a world full of brokenness.”

This topic is about our hearts persevering in the calling of God to walk with those in need.  And though there are as many solutions as there are types of struggles, the main theme is that we return, again and again, to the promises that God has given us. One hand in the sky and the other on earth. It may feel like it will tear us apart, but, in the end, it is an anchor for our souls. How do we endure in such a world as ours? Our daily lives are full of immense tragedy. Dire need engulfs us, and we are here to try and meet it. Our inevitable failures to do so (and sometimes even our successes) take a great toll on our hearts, and we are left often seeking God’s promises in the midst of the dry dust of the yet-to-be-redeemed world. Our hope is that these discussions will help us all to persevere in God’s calling in all areas of our life, domestic and abroad, personal and professional.

Here is a recent article written by Eric for their blog to give you a sense of their passions.

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Exploring Washington

Warm Beach Camp is located 40 miles north of Seattle, approx. 1 hour drive. Add 30+ min. from SeaTac airport. Info for: shuttle service 

Note: Use shuttle stop “Marysville/Tulalip” and NOT Stanwood. Let Lilly Ann Rusher know in advance if you plan to take the shuttle so she can coordinate your pick up from the stop, approx. 20 minutes to the camp.

A few suggestions before and after the conference…

Seattle:  ...has much to offer. You can take a train into town from the airport and get around on foot without renting a car.
Victoria Clipper Ship: From Seattle to Victoria, BC on the Clipper Ship is a great one-day outing.
Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park: By car 1 hour 45 min. to park entrance; can stay at Paradise Lodge Inn right in the park, or a number of other options in the vicinity (try Ashford and Longmire).
Mt. St Helens Nat’l Park: 176 miles/3+ hours
Olympic Nat’l Park: This is farther away from Seattle so you need at least two days.
Skagit County: 1 hour north of Seattle (20 minutes from Warm Beach) makes a charming one-day outing or combine it with the ferry from Anacortes to the San Juan Islands.
Eastern WA via Steven’s Pass or Snoqualmie Pass – beautiful wooded views, giving way to farmlands and dryer, warmer climate.