September 21-23, 2018
Warm Beach Camp - Stanwood, WA

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There are two parts to registration: the conference registration fee and the lodging. If you are attending all or part of the conference, you must pay the conference registration fee. All lodging options are for 2 nights and include 6 meals. Please click below to register.


Keynote Speakers

Our speakers will be Drs. Eric and Rachael McLaughlin who are among the Serge team of specialists at Kibuye Hope Hospital, Burundi. Eric is a family physician and Rachael an ObGyn. They are both compelling speakers and will share some of the exciting things going on at Kibuye and with Hope Africa University. The McLaughlins have been working on a book: “Walking with those in Need without Losing Heart”. For more information about the McLaughlins visit

Here is a recent article written by Eric for their blog to give you a sense of their passions.

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Exploring Stanwood, WA

Recommendations coming soon.