Fall Conference: Theological Consultation #55

The Place of Chaplains on the Health Care Team

September 18-20, 2015

Essenhaus Inn, Middlebury, IN


-What might a Chaplain teach a Christian Doctor?  John Vlainic

-Mission Sharing:  Dr. Sam and Dr. Elizabeth Jeevagan from Umri Hospital

Saturday AM

-Expanding our view of how God can heal. A discussion lead by Chaplain John Vlainic

-How a chaplain can add value to a healthcare team: Chaplain Bruce Swingle, Albany NY

-Being a chaplain in a major pediatric hospital, Marc Zumhagan, Cincinnati Children’s 

-Integrating Spiritual Health and Physical Healing at Kibuye Hospital, Burundi,

                  Dr Eric McLaughlin

Saturday PM

How our fellowship can reach out to pastors and churches to help them minister to the sick and chronically ill. Discussion lead by John Vlainic

-How to Recognize a "Spiritual" Issue

-Visiting People in the Hospital

-Bibliography - Christians and Disability

Sunday AM

Communion service

Our theme was “The Chaplain as a Member of the Health Care Team.” Our denomination has ordained pastors working as chaplains at many hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. Rev. John Vlainic from Toronto, with extensive experience as a local church pastor, teacher of theology, and for the last 15 years as a Chaplain in a major teaching hospital was our main speaker. Through presentations and panels our chaplains shared their perspective on very ill patients and their families. We want it to spill over to our churches. . . what can our chaplains teach our pastors and laypeople about ministering to those who are ill in hospitals and nursing homes?



Rochester NY Area Meeting

November 1, 2014 at  New Hope FM Church

In November members from Rochester, NY gathered for a Saturday morning breakfast. Two physicians, who are also ordained Free Methodist Pastors, attended. One is head of an OB residency and the other does Adolescent Medicine at a community health center. Two physicians who do addiction medicine were there, the former chairperson of Roberts Wesleyan Nursing program and two physicians who have done extensive work overseas: one an obstetrician and one a family physician. A dental hygienist who is also a pastor joined in too. As you might gather, we had a lot to share. We plan to meet again and may do something in conjunction with the Roberts Wesleyan pre-med group and nursing school.


Fall Conference: Theological Consultation #54

September 19-21, 2014

Essenhaus Inn, Middlebury, IN

Dr. Willard Swartley, a nationally known author was the speaker at our annual conference/retreat in Sept 2014. He has published Health, Healing and the Church’s Mission: Biblical Perspectives and Moral Priorities, which was a featured book by InterVarsity Press in 2012. Part of the Free Methodist Healthcare Fellowships new mission is to be a resource to the whole church and to help our churches become healing communities. His talks were very appropriate and encouraged our vision to assist our churches to become healing communities. He has provided us extensive notes, and we will share one subject in each issue of this newsletter. This will be a good review for those who attending and something new for those who could not attend.