The Free Methodist Medical Fellowship was organized December 15, 1960 by a group of physicians of the Free Methodist Church who were looking for ways to challenge each other in Christian stewardship. The meeting took place in Chicago, Illinois.


The board of directors of the Fellowship made the following recommendations in September of 2010:

Expand membership to include Licensed Healthcare Professionals.

This recognizes the increasing role of other health care professionals, moving from a top down model to a more participatory model.

Change name to Free Methodist Healthcare Fellowship, now to be referred to as FMHF.

This reflects our wish to be a more active organization, helping to recruit and prepare health care professionals and students for global compassion ministries.

Renewed commitment to…

a. Informing our membership of opportunities in medical missions.

b. Supporting projects, recognizing that special interest organization will directly raise funds.

c. Mentoring and assisting students.

d. Annual meetings with the understanding that such meetings are needed to encourage and inform our membership.

Look for ways to collaborate with CAHO, Friends of HAU, Haiti Health Advocates, Friends of India (Umri Hospital).

This might include participating in an annual meeting which would include all interested groups for the purpose of supporting our shared interests.

In the face of changes taking place in the Free Methodist church at home and around the world as well as the ongoing humanitarian needs of the developing world, radical and creative measures are needed. The Free Methodist Healthcare Fellowship, as it is now known, continues to challenge its membership to be good stewards of the time and resources available and to be involved in healthcare ministries around the world.

This is in keeping with the FMMF mission presented in earlier versions as:

Mission Statement

  • To mature in our faith

  • To mentor students

  • To minister through the practice of medicine and dentistry


The Free Methodist Medical Fellowship brings together Christian healthcare professionals for the purpose of helping each other reflect Christ and communicate the gospel in their professional lives.


The Free Methodist Medical Fellowship desires to provide Christian encouragement, instruction and example for dentists, physicians and others committed to health care ministries by:

  • Enlisting the interest of dentists, physicians and members of other medical professions in compassion ministries around the world, especially those sponsored by the Free Methodist Church.

  • Collecting and disbursing funds for the conduct of dental, medical, educational, charitable and religious activities

  • Offering guidance to, assistance for and fraternal interest in students preparing for health care professions

  • Providing professional counsel when desired to any agency of the Free Methodist Church

  • Promoting the professional ministries of its members through learning forums, such as theological consultation